Rebuy tournaments

A rebuy tournament is one in which you can buy more chips during the early blind levels of the event. In a tournament without rebuys (also called a freezeout) when you lose all your chips, you are simply eliminated. In a rebuy event, if you lose all your chips, you can buy back into the tournament.

Here are the facts about rebuy tournaments:

• There is a rebuy period during the early levels of the tournament. A typical rebuy period might be the first hour of the event. Once that period is over, no more rebuys are permitted. The rebuy period and other information will be announced in the tournament lobby.

• During the rebuy period, there may be a fixed number or an unlimited number of rebuys available.

• If you run out of chips, you will automatically be offered a rebuy (if one is available). If you are not eligible for a rebuy, you'll see a pop-up message advising you so. You can choose to automatically rebuy when you run out of chips, by pressing the Auto Rebuy button above the chat window. If that is the case, your account will be charged and your rebuy chips credited automatically. If you're on a mobile device, there's a re-buy checkbox at the table along with the other checkboxes, and you can also tap the Menu button and select Add More Chips.

• If a rebuy is available, you may rebuy at any time if your chip stack is less than or equal to your original starting stack and as long as you are not in a hand. For example, if you started with 1,500 chips, you can rebuy any time your chip stack is 1,500 or less. So, you can rebuy once before the tournament even starts! To rebuy, choose the chip tray at the table and select the Add more chips... option. Some table themes do not include the dealer tray and in that case, you can access the menu by selecting Options at the top of the table. If you use the Mercury table theme, you can press Table to access the same menu. Alternatively, whenever you're eligible for a rebuy, we will show a rebuy button directly on the table. The location of this button on the table will also vary based on the theme you're using. Once the Add-on period starts, the button will change accordingly.

• Rebuys and add-ons generally cost the same as the original buy-in, for which you receive the same number of chips again as your starting stack. Rebuys are also charged a small amount.

• The prize pool and payouts will not be announced until the rebuy period ends, since the prize pool increases with each rebuy.