Chipstars Ecosystem Update

Shark Token Announcement

Chipstars has decided to introduce new and innovative ideas to enhance the overall ecosystem, including a new token and innovative staking system.

These new updates are poised to truly transform our project and take us a step further to drive player participation and involvement in our poker games.

Shark Token Overview

We’re bringing in a brand new meme coin called the Shark Token to spice things up. It was designed to represent the strongest poker players (best known as Sharks) within the game - those who are most feared and well-respected.

It will serve as its own individual currency, and each player can participate in the ecosystem through farming Shark tokens. By playing poker on the Chipstars platform, users will earn a portion of the rake, which will be paid out in Shark tokens.

The value of Shark tokens is derived from the tokenomics - we’ll buy back tokens to provide rewards to users if there’s an overload of players on the platform.

More details on the Shark token metrics are below for reference:

The Shark token will coexist with $CHIPS, our platform’s native token that helps power the overall ecosystem. $CHIPS can be used for platform benefits, earning rewards, and participating without playing poker.

Innovative Staking System

Users will be able to receive rewards in Shark tokens through holding $CHIPS in their wallets, with no counterparty risk whatsoever. It’s a seamless and easy process that doesn’t require any extra effort other than simply holding the actual token.

We’ll also offer multipliers where users can earn more when staking $CHIPS or holding liquidity provider tokens in our popular liquidity pools. Additionally, players will be able to earn an extra 5-10% bonus for holding $EBOX, $DDIM, or $CHIHUA tokens in their wallets.

More specific information will be released within the next week, so stay tuned!