Rake System

What is rake?

Rake is a commission that Chipstars takes for all poker games. Rake is accumulated by a player's activity in cash or tournament games.

How do we calculate rake?

Cash: Chipstars is following the trend No Flop, No Drop rule, meaning that we do not collect a commission (rake) on the cash game tables before the flop. All cash game tables have a post-flop rake of 5%. However, the total amount of rake collected in a single hand is capped according to the table’s stakes and a number of players at the table.

Chipstars Rake/Cap 5%

Blind 1-2 Players 3-6 Players 6-9 Players
0.10-0.25 0.75 1.5 3
0.25-0.50 1.5 3 4
0.50-1.00 2.5 4 5
1.00-2.00 3 8 10
2.00-4.00 4 10 12
5.00-5.00 5 12 16

Tournaments: Rake is always indicated in the buy-in amount of the tournament window or in a tournament name. This type of rake is being calculated at the moment you register for the tournament (normal reg or late reg its the same) For example a 20€ + 2€ tournament will have 20€ added to the prize pool and €2 of rake.

Chipstars always charges rake fee 10% from the overall sum of buy-in.

To became a part of a rake/rakeback system please check our VIP PROGRAM section. [COMING SOON]