FAQ Chipstars


  1. How can I rebuy into a table? It’s very simple. When you are low on funds you will see a pop-up buy-in and the least BB you need to enter. Enter the amount of BB you want and click the ok button. For every poker table you have a minimum and a maximum of BB. You can also adjust auto rebuy and auto buy-in. Auto rebuy is there to automatically add a certain number of BBs the moment you reach a certain number of BBs. You can set the BB number yourself when you want additional BBs to be added to you. Automatic buy-in is there to automatically add a certain number of BBs to you. You can set the number of automatically added BBs yourself.
  2. Where can I change the table options? Click on the settings button then choose between table settings and table themes.
  3. How can I see my previous hand history on the new table? You can view your hand history by clicking on the replayer icon at the top right corner of the table.
  4. I want to change my avatar? Login in to your account and then click on your avatar. You can customize your avatar or you can choose between 14 predefined avatars.

Managging your account

  1. How to register? You can register by clicking on the 'Log In' button from the home page and then on 'Sing Up'. Submit your personal details and you can start playing.
  2. Can I change my password? You can change your password at any time under the Change Password section of your account. Fill in the details and save changes. The password should be hard to guess and you need to change it periodically. Please also make sure to keep your login details secret.
  3. What do I do if i forget my password? You can reset your password by clicking on the 'Log In' button from the home page and then on 'Forgot Password'. Submit your personal details and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password. If you don't see a password reset email in your inbox, please look in your spam or junk mail folder as it may have been marked as spam by your email provider.
  4. I want to change my avatar? Login in to your account and then click on your avatar. You can customize your avatar or you can choose between 14 predefined avatars.
  5. I want another account? It is forbidden to possess multiple accounts.You can only have one account.You must go through the account verification process by enclosing your ID card or passport during registration. Only one profile can be possessed with one verification document.
  6. I haven’t received my activation email. Check to make sure the email address is spelled correctly. If not, verify the address with the correct spelling. Verification emails may be filtered directly into your email program's spam or junk mail folder, check there.
  7. I want to close my account. If you want to close your account, you must send an email to closeacc@chipstars.bet. Write down the reasons for closing the account and the whole process should be done quickly
  8. Why do I need to verify my identity? We have to make sure that you are over 18 years old and therefore you can access our gambling site.
  9. Is it safe to upload my personal documents? We guarantee that your documents are secure once they leave your computer using 'SSL' technology. Thus, you can be sure that your documents cannot be intercepted when submitting via the Internet.
  10. I don't have a scanner to scan my documents - what can I do? It’s easy, you can use a digital camera, your phone, or a webcam to take a picture of your documents. Just make sure they’re clear!
  11. What will happen to my account if it isn't verified? Until you get verified you can use play money to check out the platform and gameplay. After you get registered you can make a deposit and receive deposit bonus and get included in the VIP program
  12. Where can I check my account balance? Your poker account balance will be shown in the home page below "Cashier".


  1. What payment methods can I use to deposit? Chipstars Poker accepts a wide range of modern payment methods. The full list of available methods can be found on This Page.
  2. I want to deposit funds to my account. Log-in to the chipstars.bet website using your email address and password, then click to the “CASHIER”. Then click on “Deposit” next to your status.After that choose your payment method and enter all the required information.
  3. I’m unable to deposit using my bank card. Have your deposits been refused on our platform? Please ensure: • That you have entered the correct card number. • That you have entered the correct security code (the last 3 numbers on the back of your card). • That you have entered the correct expiry date of your card. If you are sure you’ve entered the correct information, verify with your bank that you are not exceeding any account limits and that there are no other problems related to your card.
  4. I have a new bank card. How do I use it on my account? There is no specific procedure required. Simply enter the information of your new card when making a deposit.
  5. Do Chipstar Poker place any fees on account transactions? Chipstar Poker does not place any fees on deposits or withdrawals performed on our platform.
  6. What is the minimum amount that I can deposit? The minimum you can deposit is 20 euros.
  7. How can I change my deposit limit? Any requests to reduce your deposit limit will be processed instantly. Please be aware that in order to efficiently prevent compulsive gaming, we will process all limit increase/removal requests only after 24 hours from the initiation.

Technical Problems

  1. I am unable to connect? First of all check your internet connection status, and make sure your anti-virus, firewall and/or network hardware are not blocking access to the application.
  2. How should I set up my Firewall? In order to play on Chipsstars poker while using a firewall, make sure your firewall is configured to accept incoming data from port 443.
  3. I am unable to see some/any chat at the tables? If you cannot see the chat of other players, you may have accidentally modified some of the chat visibility. To turn it back on, click the ‘Settings’ menu in the upper right of the game window and select Chat Settings and uncheck mark in the 'Disable messages from all players in the chat' box.
  4. How can I modify/disable my chat function? Chat options can be modified by clicking the ‘Settings’ button in the Poker lobby and clicking ‘Chat Settings’.
  5. How do I change my sound settings? You may change your sound settings by clicking the ‘Settings’ button in the Poker lobby and clicking ‘Sound Settings’. You have the option to adjust the general table sound as well as the dealer sound. The same options will be available for you at the tables (click the ‘Settings’ button at the top of the table).
  6. How is the Currency Exchange Rate calculated? For ease of use a player’s balance is converted to the table currency. The exchange rate is calculated daily and the rate will be frozen while you have funds at a table to ensure you do not lose out in any way.
  7. Minimum System Requirements? Your PC will need to meet the following system requirements in order to play Poker with Chipstars: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista 400MHz Pentium or faster CPU with at least 128MB of RAM Minimum screen resolution of at least 800 by 600 pixels with 16-bit ("High Colour") At least 30MB of free disk space. MS Internet Explorer 5.2 or later version.
  8. Is Chipstars Poker a Legal and Regulated Online Poker Site? Chipstars.bet is licenced through Games & More BV, under the licence No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curacao E-Gaming, Authorised and Regulated by the Government of Curacao. Chipstars.bet is operated by Games & More BV, a company registered in Curacao with the Commercial Register of Curacao No. 149948, and having its registered address at Pareraweg 45, Willemstad, Curacao.
  9. Chipstars Poker prohibits the use of its services by people in the following countries: USA, France, Netherland, Curacao.


  1. How do I download our Windows and MAC chipstars application? Go to our download page, scroll, and you will see the download instructions. If you have any problems contact support.
  2. Can i play for free? 3. Can i play for free? Yes, but only freeroll tournaments. If you just want to try Chipstars poker you can always play for play money without making any deposit
  3. What is a Satellite Tournament? A satellite tournament is one where the winners gain free entry into another (larger) tournament.
  4. What is Rake? When you play Poker at Chipstars you play against other players not the house. As such a charge is made in the form of rake; rake is the 'house' take. On every cash game table, where the pot is contested, a rake is taken from the pot as per the table below. We have a 'no flop no drop' policy, so do not take a rake from games when no flop is seen.
  5. Chipstars Rake/Cap 4%

    Blind 1-2 Players 3-6 Players 6-9 Players
    0.10-0.25 0.75 1.5 3
    0.25-0.50 1.5 3 4
    0.50-1.00 2.5 4 5
    1.00-2.00 3 8 10
    2.00-4.00 4 10 12
    5.00-5.00 5 12 16
  6. What Type of Cash Games Are Offered at Chipstars? Chipstars offers both Hold’em and Omaha variants in cash game format with tables running around the clock.
  7. Is Short Deck Offered on Chipstars? No.
  8. What Cash Game Stakes Are Offered at Chipstars Poker? Hold’em tables on Chipstars Poker start at 0,02 cents per BB and go all the way up to 1000€.Omaha tables are available starting at 0,2 cents per BB and run as high as 200 €.
  9. Do you run rebuy and add-on tournaments? Yes. Some of our multi-table tournaments fall into this category, meaning you can purchase extra chips during a tournament. Rebuy lasts as long as the late registration is on. The first add-on is available during the first break and will be available to all players, regardless of their chip count. Tournaments may allow both methods of boosting your chip count, or just rebuys. If a tournament allows rebuys or add-ons, this fact will be displayed in the tournament Lobby (following the tournament name) and in the information box on the right-hand side. The details will be displayed upon selecting the tournament.


  1. How do I receive my first deposit bonus? The player which registers for the first time on the Chipstars has the right to exclusive bonus offer which is automatically connected to his account after the first deposit.
  2. How to reach the bonus? Once you’ve made your deposit, you can start earning Reward points by playing real money games. The player needs to accumulate a certain number of reward points that are being generated just playing on the Chipstars platform. Reward points are determined by calculating points in the function of the rake (commission which is Chipstars takes for all poker games)that is accumulated by a player in cash or tournament game.
  3. >Bonus restrictions? Bonus restrictions: withdrawal restricted bonus and release restricted bonus There are 2 types of bonus restriction: withdrawal restricted and release restricted. This information will be specified in the bonus details of the bonus itself in your "My current bonuses". Withdrawal restricted bonus The bonus amount is added to your account directly so that you can play specific games with this amount. As soon as you have an active withdrawal restricted bonus, the bonus funds will always be used when you play a game. A withdrawal restricted bonus may be configured to restrict the bonus, deposit and/or winning amounts. Players may not be able to withdraw the restricted amount or take it to other games. This amount is the current “Restricted amount”. Winnings included in the restricted amount are limited to those winnings that result from the use of the restricted amount (and only if those winnings are to be restricted as per the bonus offer terms and conditions). There is no maximum cap on how much your winnings may be restricted. If a player has active withdrawal restricted bonuses where the winnings are restricted, the winnings amount gets added to the restricted balance for that bonus until the bonus release conditions have been met. For that reason as you play the valid games the current restricted amount may go up or down. If you are not able to meet the wagering requirements in the validity period, the bonus and/or winning amounts will be claimed back at the bonus expiration date. Release restricted bonus The bonus amount will be added to your account once the wagering requirements have been met. Once this amount is released to your account, you may use it at any game or withdraw it. The total bonus amount in a release restricted bonus may be released to you in multiple equal parts. The wagering requirements are also equally divided over the parts. If you are not able to meet the wagering requirements in the bonus validity period, then the remaining parts will not be released to you.


  1. How do I withdraw? Click on the ‘Cashier’ button on home page then select cash out and choose method.
  2. What withdrawal methods do you offer and how long will it take? Click here to see all our withdrawal policy options.
  3. What’s the withdrawal procedure? All withdrawals are reviewed by our internal review team and must be approved; this process will take up to few business days. Occasionally, withdrawals may be merged in the event of a previous withdrawals not being processed yet. You can only withdraw onto the card or eWallet that you used to make your deposit. This means that the payment method must be verified before any withdrawal can be made, and the payment method must belong to you and registered in your name. Until the withdrawal is dispatched, you may reverse and have the funds added back to your account.